Apple Siri became the worst voice-assistant so far

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Can you still remember when Apple introduced Siri. That was a milestone. You had the feeling you could talk to your devices in the future, like Jean Luc Picard and his followers on board the Enterprise.

2023 has arrived and it is fair to say that Apple has managed to make Siri even dumber with every update.

Even simple tasks like setting a timer are acknowledged by our iPad in the kitchen just with …please wait.

My Apple Watch activates Siri even without the “Hey Siri” command. And yes, I have disabled “raise to speak” and the digital crown to activate Siri manually.

Siri on the iPhone fails to fulfill requests for directions and instead launches Google with search suggestions.

Hey Apple, get this shit done and at least bring it up to Alexa level. In the last few years, you’ve fixed your notebooks, listened to the users, finally reinstalled MagSafe and interfaces (SD Card Slot ftw), straightened out MacOSs and generally made everything a bit more open again, even if it was only due to external pressure. Now go ahead and fix this stupid old thing.

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