weathercamPi Up2date 03.2023

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Since I have announced that I will continue to operate the weather camera actively, instead of simply waiting for the hardware to fail, an update is due in the next few days. I have to thank a supporter supporting me to buy some replacement hardware.

If the installed EOS 1000D stops working, I now have a replacement that can be used within a very short time. In addition, a donated RaspberryPi3 is ready as a replacement too.

So, there is some work to be done for the upcoming weekend:

  • Removal of the case and cleaning
  • Backup of the settings and the operating system of the installed RaspberryPI (basically a 1:1 copy of the memory card), as well as replacement of the memory card (the 32GB microSDXC card is working there for over 6 years, wow!)
  • another insulation mat to keep the hardware in a reasonable temperature window on cold and hot days.

The camera will therefore be temporarily unavailable from March 3 to 5.

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